Lock Change and Rekey Service

Door Lock Change & Rekey Service in Mesa, AZ

Are you concerned about the security of your home or business door locks and considering having them changed? Before you decide to purchase an entirely new lock & handle, you might want to consider the other option which is rekeying the lock! Rekeying is done by simply changing out the pins in the lock cylinder to work with new keys. Rekeying is a more affordable option and saves all the work of having to install the new lock. But if it's the case that your existing door lock is old or worn out, then you might just want to go ahead and have all the hardware replaced.

For professional service to have your door locks diagnosed, repaired, rekeyed, or replaced, our locksmith technicians are available day & night to be of assistance! Our technicians are mobile and can come to your immediate location in Mesa, AZ and throughout Maricopa County to provide reliable residential and commercial locksmith service. We can upgrade your door locks and install new deadbolts, mortise locks, electronic keypad locks, smart locks that work with your phone, and more!

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Business Door Lock Rekey and Repair

Need new locks on your office or building? Rather than replacing the entire door lock and handle, the more efficient and affordable is to have your existing locks rekeyed.

Rekey Door Locks

Rekeying a lock makes your locks like new by replacing the pins and springs in the lock cylinder. Locks can be rekeyed to work with either new keys or we can rekey locks to work with your existing keys.

Lock Cylinder Replacement

If your door locks are worn out we can also replace the lock cylinder without having to replace the whole handle. Technicians can remove the existing lock cylinder form the knob or handles and then replace it with a new cylinder. They can either make you new keys for the lock or rekey the new cylinder pins to work with your existing keys.


Discount Locksmith of Mesa technicians are available in Mesa and throughout the entire Metro Phoenix area, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency lockout services, locks repairs, installations or to make new replacement keys. Call now for either immediate service or to schedule an appointment.