Electronic Door Locks

We can install electronic door locks on your home today! Our mobile locksmiths are available now in Mesa, AZ and throughout Phoenix to upgrade your home locks with high security smart electronic door locks!

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electronic door lock
Smart electronic door lock with keypad and remote monitoring and control.

Install electronic door locks

Are you looking to install a keyless entry system at your home, office or business? Discount Locksmith of Mesa technicians are available for immediate service and can install a new lock for you today. Already purchased the lock and just need it installed? We can install the lock, help you program it and also rekey the cylinder to work with the existing keys and locks in your home or business. Not sure what lock to get or what type of lock or brand is best for your needs? We can help! Our technician can explain your options and recommend and purchase the best keyless entry system that meets your requirements and then install and set it up for you. Call Now!

What is the best electronic door lock for your home?

The best keyless lock for your home will depend on your needs and requirements. How many people are in your home? Do you have regular guests or house cleaning and maintenance providers that will need access? Or, do you offer short term rental at your home or property that requires guests to have their own access codes? Our professional locksmith technicians can discuss your options and recommend the best lock brand with the features you require. With features available such as programmable keypads, smart locks with z-wave technology that lets you remotely monitor and lock or unlock from your phone, or high security locks with Bluetooth, touchscreens and fingerprint access, there are some great lock options available.  Schlage and Kwikset are popular brands that have many different models to choose from with prices generally ranging from $50 to $300 depending on the lock features. If you know what you want yo can either pre-purchase a lock and we can install it or we can help you choose the best lock for you, purchase and install it for you.

electronic door lock installation
Before & after photo of the installation of a keypad electronic door lock.
Electronic biometric fingerprint door lock.
Electronic biometric fingerprint door lock.
Electronic door lock with keypad
Electronic door lock with keypad and fingerprint access.
Electronic door lock brands and options
Electronic door lock brands and options.